In July 8 2011, Advanced Dynamics Inc. and Sikorsky Aircraft (US leading Helicopter Manufacturer) made telecon for overview of VABS-IDE software that is under development by Advanced Dynamics Inc. for a Army sponsored SBIR, which is unique toolset for conceptual design of rotor blade and turbine blade....
In Nov. 2010, Advanced Dynamics Inc. (Prime), University of Oklahoma and Lock-heed Martin Corporation were selected for NASA SBIR Phase I to conduct the research for ¡°Towards Better Modeling and Simulation of Nonlinear Aeroelasticity on and beyond Transonic Regime.¡±...... MORE 
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Advanced Dynamics is dedicated to the development of 4MAO (Multiphysics, Multi-disciplinary, Multi-Scale, Multi-Fidelity, Analysis and Optimization) software tools for a broad range of application areas listed below......  MORE 
This module includes the coupled fluid (CFD) and structural dynamics (CSD) solver as well as
Aeroservoelastic (ASE) module in ASTE-P is designed to perform accurate and fast analysis of aeroservoelastic
This module includes enhanced material point (MPM) and pure particle method (PPM). Each material is discretized
CFD modules include both grid-based solvers and particle-based solvers. Grid-based solvers include both
The propulsion module is used to study the complex phenomena encountered in propulsion devices including turbulence
The Computational Aeroacoustics (CAA) module in ASTE-P is used for prediction of the far-field sound generated by
The CSD module includes Finite Element sub-module and particle methods sub-module.
The OPT optimization module in ASTE-P is aimed to provide the optimized solution of aerodynamic shape
The VIS module in ASTE-P tool is a built-in post-processor like general CAE software.
A user-friendly and comprehensive material database is offered by material database module. This material database contains a broad range of materials and all associated properties that can be public-domain available for all ASTE-P modules. Almost all types of materials are considered in the material database, which include isotopic, orthotropic, anisotropic, fluid, composite, and concrete. For each type of material, linear elastic, nonlinear elastic, hyper-elastic, elastic-plastic, perfectly plastic, rigid plastic, visco-elastic, and visco-plastic constitutive equations, and failure and fracture mechanics are all covered. The material database is tightly
Variational Asymptotic Beam Section (VABS) analysis is a method of analyzing slender structures such as rotor/tu